MathMatters is an annual mathematics contest developed by Accord Education.  Designed to stimulate interest in mathematics (within grades 4-6), MathMatters celebrates student, teacher, and school achievements, and functions as a community outreach tool. 


Are you interested in the types of questions your student would encounter during the MathMatters competition?  For an idea of what to expect, click below to see the types of questions that appeared during past events.


Are there different tests for each grade?

No.  The same test is used for all grade levels.

Is there a limit to the number of students from each grade from one school?

We impose no limit.  Schools are free to register as many students as desired, within the capacity of the contest center.

Can students from private and home schools participate?


Who can be the coach?

Anyone can be the coach. Parents can put their names as coaches if they spent more effort than anyone in coaching the student.

Are parents welcome?

Anyone who wants to share the joy of MathMatters day is welcome at our contest centers.

Do coaches bring students?

Coaches need to be present at the award ceremony in order to receive their award if one or more of their students are in the top three.

I see the test itself is 30 minutes long. How long is the entire event?

The contest day’s schedule varies for each contest center. If you registered early enough you will receive your contest center’s schedule in the registration confirmation mailing. If you register late or do not receive it you can contact your contest center directly for details. At most test centers, the event ends by 1:00pm.

What are the awards?

1st Place: Student: iPad Mini 2 / Coach: $150 Gift Card
2nd Place: Student: iPod Nano / Coach: $100 Gift Card
3rd Place: Student: iPod Shuffle / Coach: $50 Gift Card


Accord Education extends warm congratulations to the winners of the 2016 MathMatters contests.  We also wish to thank all students, family members, coaches, and educators who attended MathMatters 2016 and showed their enthusiasm for the field of mathematics!

Finally, we greatly appreciate our supportive test centers for hosting this event to celebrate the success of young “mathletes”


Accord Education is pleased to offer resources, guidance, support, and products to client schools interested in hosting MathMatters in their community.  Our MathMatters package includes:

  • Customized prizes – $900 value!
  • Promotional posters and templates
  • Site coordinator training
  • Online registration portal
  • Printed test booklets
  • Customized answer sheets
  • Digital scoring
  • Printable certificates
  • Online support for event participants
  • Onsite support during the event